Binary options trading bot – automatic trading with software possible?

“Nothing is impossible” – a commercial car manufacturer said. It is therefore not surprising that it is now actually possible to act binary options “automatically”. But basics new the thought of “making money quickly in my sleep” with the feeling of euphoria and anticipation of the big money will unfortunately disappear in the course of this contribution. If it were so simple, there would probably be only millionaires in this world. Nevertheless, the temptation is there, of course – especially for beginners who have little know-how in dealing with binary options. It is therefore all the more important to look at the whole issue with caution and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

What are trading robots and how do or check here they work?

In the meantime, some brokers offer the programs for automated action (expert advisors) under different names.

The functionality of these programs is easy to explain: With proprietary algorithms, the programs constantly monitor the financial markets and analyze the trading signals. These are, in turn, transmitted to the trader, which either manually implements the strategy, depending on the program, or see this page then a programmed strategy is triggered automatically. This is clearly a kind of artificial intelligence, but whether these programs are capable of developing trade strategies is not yet known. However, experts suggest that artificial intelligence elements can be implemented by traders, for example by connecting the ladder system with an indicator of volatility, which is quite possible with classic expert advisors. However, it is important to differentiate between classic derivatives and binary options through a trading robot.

When trading with binary options, it is important to identify the right time to book the option because classic stop-lock management is no longer required. However, programs such as Real Binary Bot or Algobit are able to recognize new trends and respond accordingly with a call or put option.

In principle, any trader of such a system can use itself, because in the case of binary options, permanent market observation plays a subordinate role. For this reason, some any sneak a peek at this web-site. traders let the trading robots act automatically, with the accuracy of the hit being about 99 percent, according to the statements of different brokers.

This does not mean that 99 percent of all trades also close in profit. Rather, a 99% probability is assumed here that a trend is identified for a certain period of time. Brokers have not yet been able to over try here provide a data base. In order to use the trading robots profitably, the data on the time span (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) had to be evaluated accordingly. On the other hand, the brokers point out that the systems are suitable primarily for traders who have not the hit rate, but the overall gain in view. Therefore, these brokers also advise placing several trades directly behind each other, so that many would have to close in the profit at a good timing.

As mentioned above, there are additional hints other now some systems available to act semi-automatically or automatically with binary options. In the following, however, only the most popular among them are presented:

Broker OptionBit: Algobit

The system Algobit runs online, so a software download is click over here now at not required. Using artificial intelligence, it generates trading signals, with the workflow based on trend tracking. As a result, the trader receives information about the resulting trading signal and can then make his decision for a call or put option. There is also the possibility to run the system fully automatically. According to experience reports, an increased performance of 15% should be possible.

The following is possible with the Algobit system:

EZTrader Broker: OptioNavigator

The OptioNavigator is an automated trading robot of the licensed broker EZTrade in Germany. Professionals use this system mainly to cumulate, that is, to reinvest a larger amount of capital. The system determines a prevailing market trend, from which the call or put options are derived. According to experience reports the system should be 50 percent correct. So my blog to if the system makes 55 percent correct predictions, would be in the case of a profit or a profit outflow of 80 percent